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Wildlife Rescue Mod: Recovery missions

GTA 5 Wildlife rescue mod GTA 5 mods

Not everyone is a sick sadist in Los Santos. And you can be a good guy too. How about saving some animals with the Wildlife Rescue Mod?

Download Mod 5954c0-WildlifeRescueV0.25.rar

The Wildlife Rescue Mod adds a new kind of mission to GTA 5. You can now help the forest rangers to rescue some animals, as part of the Los Santos wildlife rescue team.
The missions start on a ranch, where you’ll speak to a sheriff that will give you a task. You will have to rescue a wild animal in some urban area, using only a stun-gun so you won’t hurt the creature. After catching it, you’ll have to return it to the ranch, using a van of the wildlife rescue team. You can’t kill the animal, or let it fall off the van. This will result in failing the mission.

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Download Mod 5954c0-WildlifeRescueV0.25.rar


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One thought on “Wildlife Rescue Mod: Recovery missions”

  1. Preston says:

    why wont it work for me?

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