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Use an autopilot to get from A to B

GTA 5 Mods Header VAutodrive

San Andreas is huge, and driving from one side to the other can take a long time. If you’re too busy to focus on the road, this GTA 5 mod will help you a lot: VAutodrive mod is your autopilot.

Download Mod a48f11-VAutodrive V5.1.0.rar

The VAutodrive mod, made by Cyron43, equips almost all vehicles with an autopilot. There is no need to focus on the road anymore in order to drive. While this GTA 5 mod is doing its job you can enjoy the view, eat a sandwich or go to the toilet. You just simply set a waypoint, enter a vehicle and press J. VAutodrive mod does the rest. At any given time you can change the way point and VAutodrive will recognize it immediately.

If you don’t know where you want to go, then you simply set no way point, press J, and you will be cruising around San Andreas aimlessly. This GTA 5 mod works with cars, bikes, bicycles, boats, helicopters and even on foot. You can even decide what speed to go, there are several presets which you can also fine tune. This way you go at your preferred speed while you shoot at everything that moves around you.

GTA 5 Mods VAutodrive

VAutodrive has 4 different driving styles, from obeying all traffic laws to reckless road rage style. Again, you can change them anytime during the ride. This makes VAutodrive a great modification for players who also have other things to do.

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   Download Mod a48f11-VAutodrive V5.1.0.rar


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