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Preacher Bodyguards Mod: This shit is just weird!

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The streets of Los Santos are definitely not save. One might need protection, like a gun for example. If that’s not good enough for you, then try the Preacher Bodyguards Mod.
Download Mod 8ba27d-Preacher Bodyguards

Upon spawning your bodyguards, they are invincible. They both carry an AK-47 and Micro SMG and have 100% accuracy. And they shout weird stuff, something like ” Kifloh, my friend”. But then again, they do their job perfectly.Preacher Bodyguards Mod GTA 5 modsYou can now run around the streets and whenever you are in trouble, you’re twin bodyguards will shoot the shit out of anyone trying to attack you. Obviously, this GTA 5 mod is just for fun, but fun it is! Having these weirdos saving you every time you’re in a fight while talking weird stuff is hilarious. Truth be told though, after a while you’ll be happy to know you can also silence them. Still, it’s hard not to laugh while playing the Preacher Bodyguards Mod.
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Download Mod 8ba27d-Preacher Bodyguards


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