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Have some fun with a Portal gun in GTA 5

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Portal is a popular game in which you can use portals to move around. You shoot once to open a blue portal, and twice to open an orange one. With this you can go through the portal from one opening to the other. It only makes sense that a great gun like that is now available in GTA 5.
Download Mod da0ade-Portal Gun

portal gun GTA 5 modsTo create the first portal,  you use the .50 Pistol. This will create the blue portals and the heavy pistol for orange portals. You can use these portals by just walking into them. It wouldn’t be Grand Theft Auto 5 if you couldn’t also drive into them, or shoot into them (although this is still a work in progress). It’s also possible to shoot other pedestrians and vehicles into the portals.

By pressing K and L you go directly to the blue and orange portals, respectively. The Portal Gun GTA 5 mod is still a work in progress, so you might expect certain things not to work too well. If you keep updating the mod though, you’ll see there will be extra features available.

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Download Mod da0ade-Portal Gun


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