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GTA 5 Fishing Mod: for some quiet pastime

As if GTA 5 didn’t have enough activities! With the GTA 5 Fishing mod, you can now take some time off and enjoy a bit of fishing.
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GTA 5 fishing Mod

Nothing beats a quiet day of fishing. You forget all your trouble, and become one with nature. It’s also a fight between man versus animal which, because of good gear, usually gets won by the human. With this GTA 5 mod, you can now leave all your worries behind, and just throw out a line and go fishing.

The good thing about this Fishing Mod is that you can even sell the fish you catch. In the video below you can see Trevor catch a Yellowtail worth $100. Not bad for a minute of fishing.

Los Santos is also full of crap though. So don’t be surprised if you sometimes catch something less fishy. We all know that the best place to hide a dead hooker is in the water. Obviously, this Fishing Mod made by libertylocked has you catching some dead prostitutes too. But if you need a new bike or DVD player, then this Fishing Mod might just be a good GTA 5 mod for you too.
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