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FC Barcelona Jersey 2016: Support the best European team

FC Barcelona won la Liga, la Copa del Rey, and the Champions League. They are the only team that has ever won the treble twice. What better way to support them than to wear the Barça jersey in GTA 5?

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Iniesta, Neymar, Suarez, and of course Messi….these guys have had a fantastic season in which they won pretty much anything they could win. They beat their rivals Real Madrid in the league, Bilbao didn’t stand a chance in the Cup Final, and internationally they were by far the best team too, which they showed by beating Juventus 3-1 in the CL Final 2015.

FC Barcelona Jersey 2016 GTA 5 ModsWith this GTA 5 mod, you can wear the home or away jersey of FC Barcelona as Franklin. It is the already legendary 2016 jersey. Why is it legendary? Because for the first time ever, the stripes are horizontal rather than vertical. With the FC Barcelona Jersey 2016 you can walk around Los Santos showing everyone you support the best team in Europe, and probably the world.

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Download Mod 28330e-T-Shirt Pack for


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