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Angry Planes Mod: all planes on attack!

Angry Planes Mod GTA 5 Mods Header

Imagine, a normal day in San Andreas. You’re driving around in your car in the peaceful and gorgeous environment. Until you see a plane, and another one, and another one. And why are they all flying directly at you?

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The Angry Planes Mod turns every aircraft in Grand Theft Auto 5 against you. They’re all coming after you. The planes that have rockets are not afraid to use them either. Driving around San Andreas has never been more adventurous, thanks to this GTA 5 mod.

After a couple of minutes, you’ll notice the sky is filled with planes coming after you. The Angry Planes Mod is a hilarious mod that makes free roaming a lot of fun.

Angry Planes Mod GTA 5 mods

Angry Planes Mod has different settings

  • MaxVehicles – here you decide how many planes will come after you
  • EnableRockets – do you want to get shot at?
  • MinRocketDelay – The minimum delay between rockets fired. The lower setting means they’ll fire more rapidly
  • ActivationKey – a short code you’ll need to deactivate the GTA 5 mod again.

To play Angry Planes Mod, you will need Script Hook V. After downloading this mod, you place AngryPlanes.asi and AngryPlanes.ini in your GTA 5 folder.

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2 thoughts on “Angry Planes Mod: all planes on attack!”

  1. nukededed says:

    is this the safe one? or the one with face.exe trogan lol?

  2. Booshti says:

    This mod is a disgrace! I’ve been told that the chode that created it puts a virus that gets all of your personal details!

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